Occess has developed the Personal Effectiveness Snapshot (PES) to measure the behavioural effectiveness of key non-managerial staff.

The Personal Effectiveness Snapshot:

  • is a survey that works in alignment with the four orientations and 17 sub-orientations of the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’;
  • is used to assess the behavioural and personal effectiveness of key staff within the organisation, who have significant responsibility but do not manage others;
  • takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete;
  • consists of 41 multiple choice questions that assess individual behaviours linked to the 17 sub-orientations;
  • is used by each individual, their coach and their manager/supervisor to prepare a development plan to enhance the individuals personal effectiveness;
  • identifies future leaders who can be fast-tracked with mentoring or other opportunities;
  • is available as:
    • a self-assessment tool - whereby the individual being assessed completes the survey
    • a 180° assessment tool - whereby the individual being assessed and their manager complete the survey
    • a 360° assessment tool - whereby the individual being assessed, their manager and staff who answer directly to the individual complete the survey
  • includes regular follow-up surveys to assess the ongoing progress of the individuals performance

The Personal Effectiveness Snapshot is the first step to improving the behavioural effectiveness and performance of key non-managerial staff within your organisation. Having your staff working towards improving your organisation culture to enhance productivity and profitability is crucial to the overall performance of your organisation.