Using the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’ (CEM), we have developed the Organisation Effectiveness Snapshot to measure your current organisation culture.

The Organisation Effectiveness Snapshot can be implemented in two ways:

  • Fully managed package: This option allows for the whole process to be managed by Occess. This includes the administration of the survey, the interpretation and analysis of results, development of a culture enhancement plan and external coaching and facilitation.
  • Self-administered package: This is a low cost option for organisations with OD skills in-house. The organisation is able to administer the OES and culture assessment process fully on-line. Reports will be generated and accessible on-line, showing the measurements of the Organisation Culture and recommendations on how to improve the areas which are determined to offer the greatest opportunities for improvement.


Organisation Culture Snapshot survey

The Organisation Effectiveness Snapshot:

  • is a survey that works in alignment with the four orientations and 17 sub-orientations of the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’;
  • measures both organisation culture and staff engagement to provide an overview of how well the organisation is travelling as a whole;
  • is completed by all individuals within the organisation;
  • takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete;
  • includes 48 multiple choice questions that assess the organisation culture;
  • includes 9 questions that assess staff engagement;
  • includes 3 descriptive questions to identify strengths, improvement opportunities and general comments;
  • compares the current organisation culture to what the culture would be like if the organisation was highly productive - we call this the ‘ideal culture’;
  • pinpoints opportunities for improvement by determining the existing gap between the current organisation culture and the ideal organisation culture;
  • includes regular follow-up surveys to assess the ongoing progress of the organisation over time;
  • has high flexibility in selecting demographics within the organisation. For example: whole organisation, departments, teams, locations, gender or any group with at least 8 participants;
  • is used to identify greater opportunities for improvement in specific demographics within the organisation. This information can then be used in conjunction with the Leadership Effectiveness Snapshot (LES) and the Personal Effectiveness Snapshot (PES) to evaluate the individual performance of key staff in those areas;
  • can be used in follow-up surveys on specific sub-groups within the organisation and/or to measure specific orientations that have been identified as needing improvement;
  • is used to guide the development of an organisation culture enhancement strategy;
  • is used to guide the development of culture enhancement strategies for demographics within the organisation 

The Organisation Effectiveness Snapshot is the first step to improving your organisation culture and creating better productivity and profitability! Once the OES has been completed by all staff within the organisation, the data is analysed, producing reports that provide information and recommendations that can be used to develop strategies for improving organisational performance. For optimum results however, we recommend that the reports are utilised by an Occess coach to ensure the opportunities identified by the OES are achieved.