Occess has developed a three stage MAP process to enhance organisation culture.

The Occess MAP process allows organisations to achieve better productivity and profitability!

The Occess MAP process involves three steps:

  • (M)easure organisation culture;
  • (A)nalyse the data obtained to identify opportunities for improvement; and
  • (P)lan and implement an approach to respond to these opportunities

The Occess MAP process

As shown in the diagram above, the MAP process is an ongoing cycle to assess the progress within the organisation over time.


Using the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’ (CEM), we have developed the Organisation Effectiveness Snapshot (OES) to measure organisation culture. This tool identifies the current organisation culture which forms the baseline from which improvements can be monitored. The tool also identifies the ideal culture which would exist within the organisation if it were performing at its optimum. In this way, it is the staff that set the standard they would like to achieve. The OES will determine the gaps between the current and ideal culture, and those areas with the greatest gap have the greatest opportunity for improvement.

We have also developed two further optional snapshots which work in conjunction with or in isolation from the OES. These measure the performance of key staff within the organisation:


The data obtained from the above tools are analysed and reports are generated to identify areas within the organisation which present the greatest opportunity for improvement. This is achieved by identifying the gap between the current organisation culture and the ideal organisation culture. The reports provide information that can be used to develop strategies for improving organisational performance and for individual development plans. Through analysing this data, the organisation can then start the planning and implementation stage.

Plan and Implement

The reports produced by the tools include some recommendations which may form the basis of an organisation development strategy. This strategy will need to address delivery of the appropriate coaching, training and resources to allow staff to perform at the level to which they aspire.  However we highly recommend that the reports are utilised by an accredited Occess coach to ensure the opportunities identified by the tools are fully realised. Coaching is highly important as planning, implementing and monitoring are critical components of the MAP process which assists the organisation to achieve maximum results.

We adopt an ongoing process for assessing the organisation culture. Regular follow-up surveys are used so the organisation can measure and review their progress and see the ongoing benefits of the MAP process.