The Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’ (CEM) establishes the foundations for assessing the organisation culture.

Occess has determined four key behaviours that drive organisation performance. We call these four behaviours orientations.  When the culture of an organisation works towards fulfilling these orientations they will be poised for peak performance and strategy fulfilment.

Culture Enhancement Model

These orientations, as shown in the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’, are:

  • Passion for Results
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Supporting Growth and Diversity
  • Working Together

The four orientations in the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’ consist of 17 sub-orientations. The relationship between the orientations and sub-orientations is illustrated in the diagram below.

Organisation Culture Orientations

The Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’ orientations were developed from a literature review of commonly used culture assessment models and from our own research and field trials. Through research, these orientations have been refined to pinpoint and focus on the key factors that drive effective organisational performance, while disregarding irrelevant or inappropriate factors used by many other culture enhancement tools. This model also uses everyday Australian language that is jargon free, creating a system which is easy to use and understand and relevant to Australian industries. Using these orientations presented in the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’, information is provided that an organisation can use to develop strategies for improving organisational performance and individual development plans for key staff.

The organisation culture needs to support strategies and human resource management processes for maximum results. Using the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model’, we have developed the MAP process for enhancing organisation culture and to identify opportunities for improvement. Applying the MAP process will greatly assist the organisation to create strategies and development plans that will be highly beneficial to enhancing organisation performance.

Using the Occess ‘Culture Enhancement Model, we have developed: