When using the Occess MAP process, we highly recommend coaching as part of the analysis and planning and implementation stages.

With the assistance of an Occess coach, the opportunities for improvement identified by the OES, LES and PES can be achieved with much greater precision, maximising the results and long-term outcomes for the organsation.

Many organisation culture programmes fail due to lack of specific direction and follow through. Occess offers a personalised coaching service to help organisations achieve the best results by catering for their unique requirements. By using our specialised coaching service, organisations can be assured that precious resources are channelled into those areas with greatest potential for improvement. However, coaching is an optional component of the MAP process and is not compulsory.

The OES, LES and PES will determine the existing gaps between current organisation culture and the ideal organisation culture to which staff aspire. It is essential that the underlying issues are identified and an appropriate strategy and/or development plan established to address these. Coaching maximises the potential benefits from the MAP process and reduces the risk of failing to realise the opportunities that require improvement. With the ongoing use of an accredited Occess coach, organisations will fulfil their potential and enhance their performance and progress over time!

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